Product Design

Self-Watering Plant Bowl

As a project for my Making and Engineering Design class, I created a self-watering plant bowl that holds a reservoir of water from which a houseplant can constantly drink. To design the plant bowl, I used Fusion 360, which produced the renderings below:

Side view of Fusion 360 model of plant bowl
Top view of Fusion 360 model of plant bowl

The plant bowl consists of a cylindrical inner planter placed in a spherical outer reservoir. The plant is planted in the inner planter, which has four holes in the bottom for cotton strings leading from the roots of the plant to the water in the outer reservoir. The cotton strings facilitate the constant watering of the plant. The outer reservoir has a small spout that allows a person to fill the reservoir with water. It is important that the water in the reservoir does not rise above the bottom of the inner planter; if it does, the plant will become waterlogged. To fix this problem, I positioned the spout at the bottom of the outer reservoir so that the top of the spout sits just below the bottom of the inner planter. Since the water will spill out of the reservoir if it rises above the lip of the spout, the plant will not become waterlogged.

Plant bowl with plant inside
Outer plant bowl and inner planter