Graphic Design

Rachel Ruysch Pamphlet and Banner

As a project for my Graphic Design class, I designed a pamphlet and a street banner for a fictional Rachel Ruysch art exhibition at LACMA. I incorporated two of Ruysch's most famous paintings in my designs: Flowers, Fruit and Insects and Flowers in a Glass Vase. In the pamphlet, I used margins and gutters to separate the text, images, and captions. It was challenging to figure out how and where to use the images to best complement the text. Although I wanted a large image stretching across the front and back covers of the pamphlet, I also wanted to avoid cropping either of the images as much as possible, so I chose the landscape-oriented Flowers, Fruit, and Insects​ as the cover image. In both the pamphlet and the banner, I tried to find a balance between letting the title of the exhibition blend slightly into the painting and making it stand out enough to be readable. I also strived to repeat motifs, fonts, and colors from the pamphlet in the banner so that the theme of the exhibit was consistent in all methods of advertisement.

Cover pages of Rachel Ruysch pamphlet with full image of Flowers, Fruit, and Insects
Inside pages of Rachel Ruysch pamphlet with text and small image of Flowers in a Glass Vase
Left half of Rachel Ruysch street banner with LAMCA logo
Right half of Rachel Ruysch street banner with exhibition title