Graphic Design

Concert Cards

I combined photography with graphic design to create concert cards for two fictional bands: Soft Serve and Flamingos. To create the Soft Serve concert card, I photographed an ice cream cone sculpture on a storefront in Los Angeles for the foreground. Then, I scanned a sheet of pompoms for the background and blurred the scan to make the colors of the pompoms soft but still distinct. I drew attention to the foreground by contrasting the clearly defined ice cream cone with the blurry colors behind it. In both cards, I used blend modes to incorporate the text into the images and manipulated various objects by applying smart filters.

Concert card with ice cream cone sculpture and blurred pom-pom background

To create the Flamingos concert card, I used a picture of a flamingo that I took in Canada as the foreground. For the background, I photographed a painted wall in Culver City and drastically edited the colors of the wall to match the colors of the flamingo. Finally, I united the foreground, the background, and the text with a pink, black, and white color scheme.

Concert card with flamingo and neon patterned background